It is reccommended that you secure your interest rate in advance of the Christmas season – the reason being is that your rate can be good and secured for up to 120 days or MORE, which allows you to shop with ease and a very specific amount you qualify for in mind! Its also advisable because who knows what the interest rates will end up doing by January when you are wanting to make that purchase. Secure it today at the BEST interest rates on the market with Quickfire Mortgage Solutions.

Current Bank of Canada 5 yr qualifying rate is sitting at 5.19%,

and Prime at 1.0% (Lender Prime 3.00%).

Best 3 year closed rate (90 day hold) – – – 3.09%

Best  4 year closed rate (120 day hold) – – – 3.09%

Best 5 year closed rate (90 Day hold) – – – 3.29% – Recommended Pick

Best 5 year closed rate (120 day rate hold) – – – 3.39% (Standard Qualifying)


 Also Available:

50/50 Mortgage – 50% BEST 3/5 yr Fixed rate & 50% BEST 3/5yr Variable rate (90 day rate hold)

0% Down payment still also available – – – 4.99% (OAC),

1-5% Cashback Also available!

Stated Income (Business for Self)

New to Canada/Employed Students New to Canada –


** All products OAC, subject to change and current as of

November 21, 2011; this is just a limited list of the most popular products, contact me directly for other products/information**